Summary of the project

The project „TOTVET – Training of Tutors and VET professionals for high quality in Work Based Learning and Dual Learning” has come to its end.

Let’s summarise the main facts and figures about the project.

The main goal of the project was to increase the professional competences of tutors, VET teachers and managers
in order to help them deliver high quality training in work based learning  (WBL) and dual learning (DL) systems.

The TOTVET project was carried out by 7 partners from 5 countries.
The Coordinator of the project: INSPECTORATUL SCOLAR JUD.DOLJ, Romania

Project partners:

•              Asociatia EDUNET, Romania

•              Casa Corpului Didactic Olt, Romania

•              IHK- PROJEKTGESELLSCHAFT MBH, Austria



•              Centrum Wsparcia Rzemiosła, Kształcenia Dualnego i Zawodowego w Poznaniu, Poland

Main outputs of the projects include: Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), pre-tested by 150 – 200 VET teachers  and WBL specialists, aiming at the improving of organization of VET & WBL courses, as well as monitoring and assessing the educational effects and also the educational workshops in Romania and Poland for 75-100 VET teachers  and WBL specialists. The latter aims at the increasing their competence and skills in organising
VET & WBL courses, monitoring participants’ progress, evaluating, documenting, certifying, transferring, approving and acknowledging the educational results of the courses with the use of national and international tools.

Target groups of the project were specialists who provide students with vocational, work based training through the way of apprenticeships.

Duration of the project: 24 months (01.10.2018 – 31.09.2020). On 30 June 2020 the project leader – INSPECTORATUL SCOLAR JUD.DOLJ, Romania – successfully submitted the pledge to the National Agency
to extend the project till 31 January 2021.

Short summary of events and actions undertaken during TOTVET project

4-5.12.2018 Poznan. The inauguration of the project. The kick-off meeting of project partners.
Setting up the framework, schedule and tasks for each partner.

28-29.05.2019 Frankfurt (Oder). Second transnational meeting. Analyses and evaluation of the progress
of project actions. Discussing the educational programme. Exchanging ideas and suggestions about
educational and evaluating resources.

10.10.2019 – Poznan. Meeting within #erasmusday framework, during which we showed the TOTVET project
and its actions and results.

10-12.12.2019Saragossa. Third transnational meeting of the project partners during MOOC trainers training course. Examining the platform.

27.02.2020 Poznan. A seminar for employers, headmasters and VET teachers, during which they were informed about the TOTVET project and the possible benefits.

16.03.2020 – 26.04.2020on-line course for 50 VET specialists. The aim of the course was to improve organizing skills for conducting VET and WBL courses. Additionally, the participants could learn about ways of monitoring
and evaluating the educational effects.

TOTVET-Participans enrolled in the MOOC
TOTVET-Participans enrolled in the MOOC

20.05.2020Fourth transnational meeting od project partners (on-line). During this meeting project partners showed the initial outcomes of the courses from their countries. The exchange of information and expertise
to enhance further work on Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

16-27.11.2020 on-line course for 28 VET teachers. The aim of the course was to improve organizing skills
for conducting WBL courses and to learn about European tools for validation, transfer and acknowledgement
of the educational effects.

12.01.2021 – Fivth and last transnational meeting (on-line) – the summary of all actions undertaken during
the TOTVET project. Final reports were presented. Discussion, exchange of conclusions and gratitudes among
the project partners.

We are working on the final reports and analyses.

The long-lasting effect of the course will be the EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM with all project results and educational materials, which will make the self-teaching possible. The core of the platform will be the free-of-charge, easy to navigate on-line course supported by educational resources, available in five languages: English, German, Spanish, Romanian and Polish.

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