About CWRKDiZ in Poznań

Grounds for establishing the Centre for Craft Support, Dual and Vocational Training in Poznań

The challenges of the modern labor market largely consist in building job security, understood as equipping people with appropriate skills that will help them find their first or new job, which is influenced by local conditions, qualifications and competences of job candidates, as well as their expectations , activity, mobility and a set of interpersonal characteristics.       

The Sejmik of the Wielkopolska Region adopted a resolution to establish 5 organizational units whose task will be to coordinate dual vocational education. Their name is the Centre for Craft Support, Dual and Vocational Training, and it is the first such initiative in Poland. 

The first units were established on May 1, 2017 in Poznań and Kalisz, the next ones were opened: in Konin from October 1, 2017, in Leszno and Piła from January 1, 2018.

The task of the created Center in Poznań, covering 11 poviats: Gnieźnieński, Grodziski, Międzychodzki, Nowotomyski, Obornicki,Poznański, Szamotulski, Średzki, Śremski, Wolsztyński, Wrzesiński is professional activation of young people, assistance in choosing an educational path and cooperation with local entrepreneurs within the framework of apprenticeships, internships and organizing educational workshops. This goal is achieved by integrating the environment of Entrepreneurs, Craft Chambers and Vocational Schools and other supporting institutions by disseminating the industry and dual education model.

The multi-factor tasks set for the Centre for Craft Support, Dual and Vocational Training in Poznań are primarily to create favorable conditions for cooperation with employers, schools providing industry education, Craft Guilds and Labor Offices, which will allow the creation of an educational and vocational information portal at the level of the Wielkopolska Region.

The Employment Strategy for the Wielkopolska Region at the turn of the coming years assumes intelligent and sustainable development favoring the needs and resources on the labor market in individual poviats and regions. The situation of young people, and in particular post-primary school graduates, on the labor market has become the basis for analyzes and discussions about the link between the vocational education system and the employment market, which results in the awareness that there is no turning back from dual vocational education.

Therefore, cooperation between School and Employer is an inseparable element of creating the future of a young person and will allow Entrepreneurs to join the teaching process. Employers will have the opportunity to actively participate in education and recruit qualified employees with practical knowledge in a given industry. At the same time, the Centre for Craft Support, Dual Education and Vocational Training in Poznań, as an organizational unit, performs an information, advisory, educational, activating, supporting, integrating and coordinating function.

The activities carried out by CWRKDiZ in Poznań will allow for the creation of opportunities for acquiring and locating experienced employees on the labor market, thanks to which one will strive to balance supply and demand on the market.

In relation to the current situation on the labor market, the creation of the Centre for Craft Support, Dual and Vocational Training in Poznań is an added value in the next years of professional activity for many young people, as well as an information buffer for Entrepreneurs and Institutions supporting the local economy and the labor market.

We invite all interested parties to visit the seat of the Centre for Craft Support, Dual and Vocational Training in Poznań at Piekary 17 (11th floor) and by phone: ( +48) 61 22 55 080 , where we will provide detailed information on the possibilities of cooperation and activities.

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